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We love helping companies to grow and fulfil their potential. We believe in good processes, consistent activity and an intelligent approach to sales and marketing.


Blueprint is a business development agency for the creative and tech sectors. Primarily, Blueprint was founded to help agencies be more proactive in sourcing new business and developing leads. Having worked with hundreds of agencies, we found that many small to medium creative companies had a gap where their business development team should be. While the usual business development principles apply, selling creativity is a whole other challenge. We had to get innovative. With a number of tried-and-tested methods, we're now delivering a solid return on investment for our clients and helping them to develop healthy and profitable pipelines.


"When I stumbled into my first graduate sales role back in 2006, my very first task was to source and qualify 300 leads - otherwise known as blueprints. The task was specific, methodical, targeted... I was young, competitive and tenacious. I was hooked. From that day forward I discovered a deep devotion to sales - a career that hadn't even factored on my radar. To begin with I loved the chase, the possibilities and the incomparable feeling of winning. Over time, I developed a respect for the process, buyer psychology and commercial realities. I came to love the principles and theory behind successful business development and the rewards of developing these skills in others.

A blueprint is the first step of the sales process. It's the foundation upon which all other activity rests. I believe in doing the basics well and delivering quality throughout the business development process.
Sales and lead generation sometimes have a less than appealing image and I hate the terms 'cold calling' and 'telesales'. Business development is a professional discipline - one that no company can do without. Blueprint is outcome-driven, commercially-focused and brings integrity and professionalism to the sales department."


Frances Kelly, Blueprint Founder and Managing Director


Our objective is enabling you to meet your long term business goals. Blueprint exists to make businesses more successful through greater processes and increased new business opportunities.
We operate with integrity, transparency and accountability. Our greatest asset is our talent and we owe our success to the brilliant, skilled and dynamic people within the Blueprint team.