Business Development

In November 2016 we launched our first Blueprint business development workshop with some of our agency friends as well as some new faces. 

We know the usual challenges that agencies face around business development so we weren't surprised to be talking about lead generation techniques, target audiences, building new relationships and how to sell benefit over features.  

What we really learned from the day was how much trepidation exists around sales activity. Everyone in the group reported their biggest challenges are making time for sales activity, getting motivated and believing that they can't do it.  

This pilot session gave us so much valuable information about the real challenge that agency owners face around business development- especially those who don't have a salesperson in their team to delegate to. When agency owners are the only sales resource, how do we get past the fear? 

We've taken the learnings and based our two new course titles on what we feel people really need to learn in order to be successful in sales.

Join us for 'Lead Generation... What's the Bid Deal?' and 'Close More in Less time' launching in London, Bristol and Manchester throughout 2017. 

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